Understanding the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist


Now, this is without a doubt one of the most common mistaken terms and fields in the medical profession. What is more, however, people are generally not particularly well familiar with the actual difference and the problem becomes more than just a vocabulary. It is true that both of the professionals study the brain. But however, there is a distinctive separation.  With this in mind, let’s go right ahead and take a look at the differences between both of the terms and why you should not get them confused.



Now, the main thing that you need to understand is that becoming a psychiatrist in Singapore will require you to go to a medical school. You will need to complete at least a few years of residency. During this particular period, you will need to get the necessary training in psychiatry. The residencies in Singapore are usually completed in the psychiatric units of hospitals. You will be able to effectively prescribe drugs and treatment plans.



While psychiatrists focus on disorders and conditions such as chemical imbalance in your brain’s structure, a psychologist also focuses on your thoughts, emotions, feelings and the way they impact your ordinary day-to-day life. Psychologists are not able to give you a prescription and that is why they will generally go ahead and refer you to a psychiatrist so that he can do so.

These are the essential differences that you need to account for when it comes to it. Of course, when it comes to a psychiatry, you should know that the salaries are going to vary depending on the field of expertise that they have decided to specialise in, but you can expect a higher salary than the one that a psychologist is going to receive.

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